Old barn
Reclaimed wood log

Stephen Bain started his company Antique Timbers in 2004.

It was quite an interesting way to start a business. As a professional salesman, he was out on the road daily, selling radio advertising.  Steve wanted to make some Adirondack chairs from some wood that had a creative or weathered look.  Steve bought plans online and decided the barn down the road that came down in a storm may be a good source.  He decided to start looking around for who may own the barn as no one lived there.  It was a farmstead that had an abandoned house and a fallen down barn.  Well, after researching it became known that Mark and Cindy W. owned the barn, west of county highway o and county highway U intersection.  They agreed to sell him the boards he needed for around $100 dollars.  Mark also threw out the option to buy everything for $500 dollars.  Steve thought that was cheap and could at least have a lot of firewood for the material that was included.  He started making calls to dealers and suppliers in the reclaimed wood business and sold the whole barn to a company in western United States.  He made more on the transaction and decided to try it a couple more times.  Well, after those other successful transactions he decided sharing his interest in reclaimed barnwood was a business.  He quit his job as a salesman and began tear down old buildings in the Wausau, WI. and surrounding areas. This was much different than a sales job because of his passion for beautiful old woods! The stories about all the woods have been inspiring to him and shares this passion with customers all over the country.

It was kind of a shock.  Steve continued for several years in selling wholesale reclaimed wood materials, but several rears ago started offering reclaimed wood custom millwork.  The custom millwork end of his business has flourished in the past two years, and he is now offering high-end custom flooring and millwork, catering to the design industry, for items not often accessible.  Needless to say, throughout his business journey, he has not yet to date made the Adirondack chairs, originally sought after for the wood!

Antique Timbers is in Wausau, Wisconsin.

Get in contact with us if you want to make business with unique high-quality reclaimed wood.

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