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Precious woods better than new

Beautiful Unique Woods

Think of preserved antique woods, white or black, brownish, reddish, chocolate, yellowish, orange, dark brown, light brown: we have it. From North to South or East to West across US. We have old wood that is perfectly to be used in homes, buildings, structures, interior design or beautiful unique pieces of art.

Carefully Prepared Wood

It is a careful process that every board or timber from each barn or antique houses passes through until it reaches its new destination. The pieces are handled gingerly, cleaned, protected and restored to become even more magnificent for years to come. Better than new wood —  if you have doubts, read our 9 reasons to buy reclaimed wood. From Wausau, in Wisconsin, to the entire country and abroad.

Why Reclaimed Wood

Old, antique woods are the ecological choice to make – it’s about already existent wood and it’s about saving new living trees. They are also historical, strong and bursting with characterful. Know more about reclaimed wood and enter the world of sustainable strength.

Take a look at the reclaimed woods we’re shipping across the country:

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