Our reclaimed wood work: from old barns to cleaning, treatment & transportation.

We ship our unique high-quality reclaimed woods to all over the country and abroad (get in contact to know more). Our clients are professionals and businesses who turn our woods into end selling objects — like house logs, floorings, furniture or art. They are architects, home designers, engineers, building designers, furniture designers and artisans, design firms, general contractors, home builders, interior designers, decorators, wood craftsmen, home stores and everybody else who work with reclaimed lumber and wish to buy them from the source. Below are some photos of our reclaimed wood, and show our process from old barns deconstruction to cleaning processes, measurements, sawing and making it ready to ship. Our reclaimed woods are used in flooring, siding, walls, doors, furniture, ceilings, stairs, entire houses and pretty much everything that a professional can do with high quality woods.

Two sources of our woods



This wood is harvested from old barns, buildings, or wherever wood structures that have been preserved naturally. It’s the reclaimed wood we pass through our high-quality treatment process until it reaches houses, furnitures and art.

Standing Dead

Standing Dead Old Wood

This wood is harvested by searching forests for trees that have naturally died and have not decayed to the point of falling. It’s never used unique reclaimed wood.

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